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28 December 2011 - Baxi Boiler Installer

Baxi Installer 

EcoTech Heating Services have been installing Baxi boilers for the last 10 years. EcoTech Heating Services are a approved installer and have years of experience working with Baxi boilers. Customers in Orpington, South East London and North Kent have been very satisfied in the past with our services and the boilers and products we offer. EcoTech Heating Services offer the complete range of Baxi boilers to all our customers in Orpington, South East London and North Kent.

By Choosing EcoTech Heating Services to install a new Baxi boiler, repair or maintain your current Baxi boiler, you can be secure in the knowledge that you will be getting fully qualified and highly experienced workmanship, along with one of the most energy efficient and reliable boiler replacements. EcoTech Heating Services provide boiler installations, boiler repairs, cleaning and maintenance services for all our customers around Orpington, South East London and North Kent. We also offer comprehensive cover on any new installation. 

EcoTech Heating Services understand every customer has a unique need when it comes to their heating and hot water demands which is why we offer the full range of Baxi boilers to our customers; for example the Baxi Platinum Combi and the Baxi Solo Boiler. EcoTech Heating Services can help you with all aspects of a new boiler replacement by helping you to choose the right boiler for your home and safely install it for you. 

We understand that it can be difficult to choose which boiler will be the most suitable for your home from the vast selection of Baxi boilers out there. EcoTech Heating Services also understand that our customers want the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable boiler, which is why we have included on our website a detailed description of each Baxi boiler along with the features and benefits. Details such as space, adaptability, simplicity and energy efficiency rating are described in order to help you make the right decision before having a new Baxi boiler installed in your home. Baxi boilers are flexible and adaptable and are known for their high performance and instant hot water facilities. Please visit our descriptions for Baxi boilers on our website or alternatively call us for free expert advice. 

EcoTech Heating Services really listen to our customers in Orpington, South East London and North Kent when offering our full range of Baxi boilers and services and we will be more than happy to answer any of your queries or concerns via our email or 24 hour, 7 days a week phone number. 

With a Baxi, you can guarantee there is a boiler to suit your needs. Baxi boilers cater for bungalows, flats, small and large properties. You can be safe in the knowledge that EcoTech Heating Services will offer the most energy efficient heating system for your home along-side a safe and reliable service when installing your Baxi boiler. You can also be assured that Baxi boilers will provide you with an economically and environmentally friendly solution to your heating system and hot water demands. 

By having a Baxi boiler installed in your home by EcoTech Heating Services, you can be in complete control over how much energy you use in your home, ultimately saving you money on your future fuel bills. 

Please feel free to contact us for a friendly and personal solution to your Plumbing and Heating needs.

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