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1 March 2011 - Boiler Installations & Power Flushing

Boiler Installations & Power Flushing


To book an appointments made at your convenience.
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The Installations Service:

All quotes by a qualified Gas Safe Registered Installer
Full survey before the installation
Local firm
Recognised boiler brands
All work is guaranteed
Installation of boiler to the existing boiler point

If you…
  • Need to replace an irrepairable boiler…
  • Want a brand new boiler installation…

Then contact me today on 01689 798511, and I will arrange to attend your home, at your convenience, and provide you with a detailed and comprehensive assessment and quotation for the work required.

What is a Powerflush?

A power flush cleanses your system using chemically treated water that is flushed through the system at high velocity but at low pressure therefore not damaging your system but removing any corrosion particles/sludge that was in the system.

This then restores the circulation to its full potential, thereby improving the operation and efficiency of your central heating system.

Do I need a Powerflush?

Over the course of time, your central heating system can suffer from a build up of detritus, which can clog components in the boiler and reduce the efficiency of your heating system in general.

And if you are considering replacement of your boiler, nearly all manufacturers state that a powerflush is essential on an existing central heating system, or this could invalidate your boiler warranty.

We therefore highly recommend that when obtaining quotes to replace your boiler, you make sure that the attending engineer includes a quote for the powerflush as well.

Indications that your system may require a powerflush include:

Cold spots on your radiators
Constant burn out of boiler parts such as pumps and valves
High gas bills due to inefficient radiators
Noisy boiler operation


Please feel free to contact us on 01689 798511 to arrange your powerflush by one of our qualified engineers.

Please feel free to contact us for a friendly and personal solution to your Plumbing and Heating needs.

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