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3 August 2011 - Is my Property suitable for Underfloor Heating?

Is the property suitable?

All new UK properties will be suitable for underfloor heating, as they will have been built to strict guidelines on insulation and air tightness.

Older properties can also benefit from underfloor heating. EcoTech Heating Services recommends that levels of insulation in older buildings should be improved broadly in line with current Building Regulations. Where this is not possible other improvements, such as double-glazing, will help.

 If improvements are impractical, for instance in a listed building, underfloor heating can still be fitted but it may require a higher flow temperature and closer spacing than in a well-insulated property. EcoTech Heating Services has a number of floor constructions and products that are specifically designed to give high temperature outputs making them suitable for older, less insulated properties. The company will always provide specific information on the expected heat output of every system and give a clear indication of any areas that may experience a shortfall on the very coldest days. If we believe that the property is unsuitable for underfloor heating, we will always tell you so.

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