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21 June 2010 - Vaillant’s commercial offering consists of a comprehensive range of high output boilers and a range of corresponding controls, delivering a complete building solution.

At the heart of Vaillant’s commercial offering is the VRC630/2 boiler management system. This versatile control can manage up to eight boilers in cascade and up to 15 heating circuits using additional accessories. The VRC630/2 can also bring the benefits of multiple heating zone control to single boiler applications. Up to eight Vaillant ecoTEC/ecoCRAFT3 or atmoCRAFT boilers can be connected to the VRC630 using a bus coupler accessory (VR32 for ecoTEC and ecoCRAFT3, VR30/2 for atmoCRAFT).

The VRC630/2 features weather compensation functionality, boiler sequence control, optimum heating start and stop and a holiday programmer for increased efficiency when the building is empty for extended periods of time. Furthermore, with the addition of the vrnetDIALOG accessory, it is possible to remotely monitor and access boiler parameter and performance data via the Internet, giving instant alerts via SMS, fax or e-mail, should a boiler report a fault.

Standard features include:
• Time and temperature control for each heating and hot water circuit
• Fully programmable mixed circuits
• Compatible with VR80 or VR90 remote zone temperature sensors
• Features a blue back light, ideal for installation in poorly lit areas
• Plain text display
• Easy to navigate menu operation
• Seven day or 5/2 day or 24-hour operation mode
• Three independent time windows per day
• Three programmable temperatures for each ‘on’ time each day
• Legionella protection function
• Automatic summer/winter time changeover
• Temperature fault detection
• Easy to commission, with test mode to operate valves and pumps, etc

VRC weather compensator
Also available is the VRC430 weather compensator. This intelligent control can be used with single boiler applications and with added accessories (VR61 & VR81). The VRC430 makes it possible to control two heating zones and a hot water cylinder.

Vaillant have three ranges of high efficiency commercial boilers with single boiler output capabilities ranging from 46kW to 280kW; the ecoTEC wall-hung boilers, the ecoCRAFT3 floor standing boiler and the atmoCRAFT floor standing atmospheric boilers.

After sales service
Vaillant has a dedicated team of commercial sales personnel to help with every aspect of commercial heating from system design and product selection to installation. Vaillant’s after sales support service includes a boiler and controls commissioning service, dedicated technical telephone service and in, and out of warranty service support.

All ecoTEC and ecoCRAFT boilers carry a two year parts and labour warranty, conditional upon servicing after the first 12 months.

Renowned for innovation and quality engineering, Vaillant is the UK’s leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial heating solutions and has been setting the standards for the heating industry for over 135 years.

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