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7 January 2012 - Boiler Service Benefits

If you have gas central heating powered by a gas boiler then having a regular boiler service is not an option, it is a necessity to keep your boiler operating not only efficiently but, most importantly, safely.

Badly maintained gas appliances can emit carbon dioxide gas which is lethal. Your boiler, which cheerfully warmed your home, can become a danger to your family if you do not look after it.

Carbon Monoxide Gas

Carbon Monoxide is an extremely toxic gas and can’t be smelled or tasted. This gas can be created when a boiler is functioning with insufficient oxygen supplied to the combustion chamber. Carbon Dioxide is the typical output from a boiler but this can be superseded by Carbon Monoxide with decreased ventilation or a blocked flue. Following the implementation of regular boiler servicing and … READ MORE

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emergency plumbing services in bromley