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2 February 2011 - Why do I need a new boiler?

If your gas boiler’s over 10 years old it’s about the right time to think about a replacement. It’s easy to see how repair bills could add up after your gas boiler has broken down once too often. If you replace your gas boiler now, rather than waiting until it fully breaks down, you could avoid the hassle of finding someone to fit a new one at short notice, and being without heat or hot water for weeks.

Older, inefficient gas boilers could be costing you a fortune in heating bills, especially during the winter. The costs can soon add up, as they burn more gas then newer ones. The efficiency of gas boilers is rated from A to G by SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK). A-rated boilers boast over 90% efficiency, but G-rated boilers could be as low as 60%. That means for every £1 spent on your gas bills, almost half is wasted straight up the chimney!

A gas boiler installation could be an investment in your home and you could really see how the savings add up. A new A-rated boiler could save you as much as £225 off your heating bills year after year.

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emergency plumbing services in bromley